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Ros Cré Darts League…..Week 2 Results & Tables

 A Section

Mc’s Bar The Stand A 13-5 The Fighting Cock’s A
The Castle Bar A 11-7 The Central A
Soc’s Bar 9-9 Kelly’s Bar A
1Mc's BarThe Stand A22002511146
2 Castle Bar A2200221486
3Fighting Cocks A21011719-23
4Kelly’s Bar A20111620-41
5Soc’s Bar Mountrath20111521-61
6The Central A20021323-100


 B Section


Delboys 12-6 Fighting Cock’s B
Bernies Boys 9-9 Lilly O’Briens
Biddy’s Bar A 10-8 Full House
Kelly’s Bar B 11-7 The Central B
1Biddy’s Bar A2200221486
2Lilly O’Briens2110191724
3The Full House2101201643
4Kelly’s Bar B2101191723
4The Fighting Cocks B2101191723
7Bernie’s Boys20111422-81
8The Central B20021323-100

 C/D Section

Mc’s Bar The Stand B 6-12 The Castle Bar B
The White House 4-14 Fitzpatricks
Biddy’s Bar B 18-0 Tommy’s Angels



1Biddy’s Bar B2110279184
2The Castle Bar B2110211564
3Fitzpatrick’s Clonmore2101221483
4The White House A2101191723
5Mickey Phelan’s110010823
6Mc’s Bar The Stand B1001612-60
7Tommy’s Angels2002333-300



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