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Kelliher Explains Abbeyfeale Oscar Traynor Omissions


Abbeyfeale Utd manager John Kelliher has contacted stoppagetime.ie and explained his players omission from the Limerick Desmond League Oscar Traynor squad.

Kelliher felt he needed to set the record straight as he felt it was unfair that his players were getting “bashed” on certain social media platforms and felt it an unwanted distraction ahead of his sides Munster Champions Trophy Semi Final against Nenagh Celtic on Sunday.


It is rumoured that the Oscar Traynor Management were looking at Mike Sheehan, Barry Sheehy, Chris Smith, Joe Kelliher and Billy Quirke. Kelliher went on to say Sheehan and Sheehy are ruled out due to work and family commitments, Smith has only returned after shoulder surgery, Kelliher feels his age will on allow for a certain amount of games per season and Quirke’s involvement in the Fire Brigade makes it impossible to commit.


Abbeyfeale’s Packie O’Connor has train for the team but was later ruled out along with all other players from the club on orders from the Limerick Desmond Management Committee as the upcoming Munster tie was deemed too important.


Here is the full statement…..

“Can I just clear up one thing regarding Oscar Traynor and Abbeyfeale players. I know this is not site for that but i have been getting alot of stuff about it being bad form of no Abbey players are in the panel. The managers were looking for 5 or 6 I think. A few could not commit due to working away and family(Mike Sheehan and Barry Sheehy) Chris Smith is only back after shoulder operation and ankle injury. Joe kelliher is 32/33 and felt he had to manage the amount of games he plays. Billy Quirke is tied up wit firebrigade service and there short staffed so he cannot get time off to train and In the last two home games wit Abbey he was on call for firebrigade. Bikky would have played the games for them if dey were caught. Packie o connor has trained wit them once or twice but was told after the last session that the Desmond League  Management Committee were not allowing Abbey players play in the West Cork game as the Munster game had to go ahead this weekend. Sorry for long message but i wanted to clear that up. I have always been a supporter of the Oscar Traynor and wish Brian an Co the very best of luck Saturday nite. I just thought it was unfair to bash Abbey players on certain sites without knowing the facts. Thanks”

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