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Coolraine Fc Player Takes To Social Media To Call Out CCFL

Coolraine Fc player Martin Ward has taken to social media today in an effort to highlight his clubs shock at not having what looks like a reasonable complaint shrugged off by the powers that be in the CCFL.

Ward bring our attention to the Michael Dolan Division 1 Cup Quarter Final between Coolraine Fc & division 1 champions Derry Rovers. Ward claims that no less than four ineligible players played in the game and that photographic evidence was sent in to the CCFL and the matter wasn’t entertained, furthermore Ward says the club were threatened with a fine if they took to social media with the complaint.

Ward claims his club just want justice for deliberate cheating and has risked personal repercussions by publishing the complaint. Stoppagetime.ie will try to contact both The CCFL and Derry Rovers at the earliest oppertunity.


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  1. If you look on the Facebook post you will see lads names been tagged by there friends who played that night but what you wont see is the names been matched to the match card…
    Steven O connell, Mark denehan played as anto kavanagh … glenn o connell wearing number 8 as bryan moules and his suspended brother steven playing under Glen’s name in the number 6 jersey. Paul Cummins who ever that is must be a brother or cuz of the suspended Deano Cummins..The league refuse too look at this.. What about joke.. If this isn’t punished every team in the ccfl will be at next year..what sort of league would that be then full cheats.. This needs to be punished.. They call themselfs champions I call them cheats because this isn’t there first time..

    • Ye were doing it yourselves in 2008 . I remember the lies ye told about portlaoise celtic to the league. Karma boys … what goes around comes around .. i hope the league throw the book at ye. Your clubs coherced and lied about portlaoise celtic in 2008 which aided the ccfl in refusing portlaoise celtic’s application the next season . Why? We questioned finances. In the league they wanted us gone and coolraine lied to help this happen . See what its like now lads when the tables are turned. Ye aided in all these things happening. KARMA.

      • Haha 9 years later karma ….no point moaning now , yee wouldn’t moan when yee were at meetings why??? I know why cause it didn’t affect yee even thou yee knew what was been said against the commitee was 100% but yee chose to keep yer beeks shut, their not shut now why ? Cause yee are getting punished as yee say..maybe if yee had to talk when yee should of yee wouldn’t be dealing with the commitee that’s there now…

    • yee fuckd up ur protest by the looks of it

      asked a friend who knows a few of the Rovers players and th eplayer ur saying is Mark Denehan playing as Anto Kavanagh is in fact Anto kavanagh!

      yee pulled some shit a few years back, why should anyone believe yee now?

      keep fightin it yee egits

  2. I think that we are in an era when it is easy enough to organise player ID cards, as well as teams being responsible for sending a team pic, and match card pic to a designated committee member, at every match.
    This would reduce a lot of this kind of messing!
    All fun and games until one of these ineligible players breaks his leg and sues the club/league!

    • That was suggested years ago .. the league cant do there buddies favours if there is too much evidence against them. Thats how they stay in power . Money and power is the priority not football. Coolraine have contributed to this .now its them on the receiving end . They start whinging . Crying on social media. . Ill guarentee you they wont put a motion down at an agm or put a person forward for the committee.

      • WEll said Willie kerry! coolraine have a history of cheating and are trying to create a social media frenzy to back them up after having a protest thrown out by the league

        they must have made an arse out of the protest or something because all i’ve seen is them saying they had fotos and all to back up their claims

        can’t be that hard to prove if u have the fotos

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