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NT&DL Season Long Fixtures & Results

NT&DL Fixtures



John Delaney Cup Semi Final

Wednesday 9th August 6.45pm

Thurles Town 2-3 Peake Villa (AET)

Week Ending 13th of August

NT&DL Premier Division Shield Semi-Final

 Cloughjordan Fc P-P Borrisokane Fc


John Delaney Cup Final

St Micheals 3-0 Peake Villa Fc


Division 1

Holycross Fc 5-3 Killavilla Utd B

Clodiagh Rangers Fc 3-0 Sallypark Odhráns

Nenagh Celtic B 8-1 Lough Derg

Gurtagarry Fc 0-3 Rearcross Fc

Idle: Moneygall Fc


Division 2

Templetuohy 3-1 Ballywilliam Utd

Ardcroney Fc 4-1 BT Harps B

Clodiagh Rangers Fc B 1-2 Arra Rovers


Week Ending 20th of August

NT&DL Premier Division Shield Final

Cloughjordan Fc/Borrisokane Fc P-P Thurles Town

Premier Division

Killavilla Utd 1-2 BT Harps (Tuesday 22nd)

Portumna Town 2-3 Thurles Town (Sunday)

Borroway Rovers 3-2 Ballymackey Fc (Sunday)

Nenagh Celtic 2-1 Cloughjordan Fc (Sunday)


Division 1

Moneygall Fc 1-3 Holycross Fc

Rearcross Fc 3-0 Nenagh Celtic B

Clodiagh Rangers Fc 5-1 Lough Derg

Sallypark Odhráns 3-3 Killavilla Utd B

Idle: Gurtagarry Fc


Division 2

Ardcroney Fc 5-0 Templetuohy Fc

Ballywilliam Utd 4-1 Clodiagh Rangers Fc B

Arra Rovers 2-1 BT Harps B


Week Ending 27TH of August  

Premier Division

BT Harps 2-1 Portumna Town

Borroway Rovers 1-3 Killavilla Utd

Cloughjordan Fc 2-2 Thurles Town

Ballymackey Fc 3-1 Nenagh Celtic


Division 1

Rearcross Fc 2-1 Moneygall Fc

Lough Derg Fc 0-1 Gurtagarry Fc

Nenagh Celtic B 0-1 Sallypark Odhráns

Killavilla Utd B 4-6 Clodiagh Rangers Fc

 Holycross Fc 2-2 Borrisokane Fc


Division 2

Templetuohy 6-1 Clodiagh Rangers Fc B

Village Fc 1-1 Ardcroney Fc

BT Harps B 4-3 Ballywilliam Utd

Idle: Arra Rovers 


Holycross Fc 1-10 Ballymackey Fc

BT Harps 8-0 Silvermines Fc

Killavilla Utd 3-0 Lough Derg

Idle: Arra Rovers


Week Ending 3rd of September

Premier Division

Cloughjordan Fc 3-4 BT Harps

Nenagh Celtic 2-1 Killavilla Utd

Thurles Town 2-0 Ballymackey Fc

Portumna P-P Borroway Rovers


Division 1

Holycross Fc 4-0 Rearcross Fc

Moneygall Fc 8-0 Sallypark Odhráns

Gurtagarry Fc 3-0 Killavilla Utd B

Clodiagh Rangers Fc 8-1 Nenagh Celtic B

Borrisokane Fc 2-0 Lough Derg Fc


Division 2

Arra Rovers 3-2 Templetuohy Fc

Clodiagh Rangers Fc B 0-7 Village Fc

Ballywilliam Utd 3-4 Ardcroney Fc

Idle: BT Harps B



Holycross Fc P-P BT Harps

Ballymackey Fc 5-0 Killavilla Utd

Silvermines Fc 1-2 Arra Rovers

Lough Derg 1-3 Clonmore Utd


Week Ending 10th of September

Munster Champions Trophy 1st Round

Thurles Town 0-2 St Micheals


Premier Division

BT Harps 3-2 Ballymackey Fc

Portumna Town 4-3 Cloughjordan Fc

Nenagh Celtic 2-2 Borroway Rovers

Killavilla Utd P-P Thurles Town


Division 1

Sallypark Odhráns 0-3 Holycross Fc

Killavilla Utd B 3-4 Lough Derg Fc

Rearcross Fc 3-2 Clodiagh Rangers Fc

Gurtagarry Fc 0-5 Moneygall Fc

Nenagh Celtic B 0-4 Borrisokane Fc


Division 2

BT Harps B 4-2 Templetuohy Fc

Ardcroney Fc 4-1 Clodiagh Rangers Fc B

Village Fc 4-3 Arra Rovers

Idle: Ballywilliam Utd



Killavilla Utd P-P Holycross Fc

Arra Rovers 2-4 BT Harps

Lough Derg Fc 2-2 Silvermines Fc

Clonmore Utd 2-4 Ballymackey Fc 


Week Ending 17th of September

Premier Division

Ballymackey 1-5 Killavilla Utd

Portumna 1-2 Nenagh Celtic

Borroway Rovers 3-0 Cloughjordan Fc 

Division 1

Clodiagh Rangers 1-1 Holycross Fc

Sallypark Odhráns 1-3 Gurtagarry Fc

Lough Derg 1-3 Moneygall Fc

Rearcross Fc 1-2 Borrisokane Fc

Division 2

BT Harps B 1-1 Village Fc

Arra Rovers 2-1 Ardcroney Fc

Idle: Templetuohy Fc, Ballywilliam Utd & Clodiagh Rangers B



Arra Rovers 5-4 Holycross Fc

BT Harps P-P Lough Derg Fc

Silvermines Fc P-P Ballymackey Fc

Killavilla Utd P-P Clonmore Utd


Week Ending 24th of September

Munster Junior Cup 1st Round

Cloughjordan Fc 2-3 Nenagh Celtic

Borroway Rovers 4-2 Moneygall Fc

Lough Derg 3-2 Clodiagh Rangers

Killavilla Utd 9-1 Templetuohy

Portumna Town 4-1 Rearcross Fc

FAI U/17 Cup

Mungret Regional 3-0 Ballymackey Fc 

Premier Division

Thurles Town 5-1 BT Harps

Division 1

Borrisokane Fc 1-1 Gurtagarry Fc

Division 2

Village Fc 4-3 Ballywilliam Utd

Clodiagh Rangers B 0-7 BT Harps B

Idle: Ardcroney Fc & Arra Rovers



Lough Derg Fc 3-1 Arra Rovers

Silvermines Fc 2-0 Killavilla Utd

Ballymackey Fc P-P BT Harps

Holycross Fc 3-2 Clonmore Utd


Weekending 1st of October

FAI Junior Cup Round 2

Galbally Fc 3-1 Rearcross Fc

Ardcroney Fc P-P Tipperary Town

Ballymackey Fc 2-3 Nenagh Celtic

Thurles Town 3-0 Killenaule Rovers

Portumna Town 1-5 Kilsheelan Utd

Borroway Rovers 2-2 St Nicholas Fc AET (Borroway win 4-3 on pens)

Cloughjordan Fc 3-4 Clodiagh Rangers Fc

BT Harps 3-2 Glengoole Utd

Lough Derg 0-3 Killavilla Utd

Borrisokane Fc 1-2 Clonmel Town

Moneygall Fc 7-3 Mullinahone Fc

Division 2

Templetuohy 3-6 Village Fc

Ballywilliam 0-3 Arra Rovers

Idle: Clodiagh Rangers B & BT Harps B

(Division 2 reaches hallway point with the same amount of games played by each club)


Lough Derg Fc P-P Holycross Fc

Arra Rovers P-P Ballymackey Fc

BT Harps P-P Killavilla Utd

Silvermines Fc P-P Clonmore Utd


Weekending 8th of October

Munster Junior Cup 2nd Round

Lough Derg 0-3 Thurles Town

BT Harps 2-1 Killavilla Utd

Ballymackey Fc 1-3 Portumna Town

Nenagh Celtic 3-1 Borroway Rovers

Division 1

Borrisokane Fc 3-1 Sallypark Odhráns (Saturday @ 3pm)

Moneygall 0-9 Clodiagh Rangers

Rearcross P-P Lough Derg

Holycross Fc 3-0 Gurtagarry Fc 

Idle: Nenagh Celtic B

Division 2

Ballywilliam Utd 2-3 Templetuohy Fc

BT Harps B 2-3 Ardcroney Fc

Arra Rovers 0-1 Clodiagh Rangers B

Idle: Village Fc


Holycross Fc P-P Silvermines Fc

Ballymackey Fc 6-0 Lough Derg

Clonmore Utd P-P BT Harps

Killavilla Utd P-P Arra Rovers


Weekending October 15th

FAI Junior Cup Round 2

Ardcroney Fc 0-3 Tipperary Town

Premier Division Shield Semi Final

Cloughjordan Fc 0-1 Nenagh Celtic

Premier Division

Portumna Town 2-6 Borroway Rovers

Killavilla Utd 1-2 Thurles Town

Division 1

Holycross Fc 7-0 Nenagh Celtic B

Gurtagarry Fc 1-7 Clodiagh Rangers

Borrisokane Fc 0-1 Moneygall Fc

Rearcross Fc 4-0 Lough Derg

Idle: Sallypark Odhráns

Division 2

Clodiagh Rangers Fc B 1-7 Templetuohy Fc

Arra Rovers 2-5 Village Fc

Ballywilliam Utd 1-3 BT Harps B

FAI Youths Cup

Ballymackey Fc 4-0 Clonmel Celtic

Peake Villa 6-1 BT Harps

Youths League

Killavilla Utd 1-1 Holycross Fc

Clonmore Utd P-P Arra Rovers

Silvermines 6-3 Lough Derg

Killavilla Utd P-P Arra Rovers


Weekending 22nd Of October

*****FAI Junior Cup Round 3*****

Clonmel Town Vs Peake Villa

Clodiagh Rangers Vs St Michael’s

Suirside Fc Vs Galbally Fc

Old Bridge Vs Ardcroney Fc or Tipperary Town

BT Harps Vs Borroway Rovers

Thurles Town Vs Rosegreen Rangers

Killavilla Utd Vs Vee Rovers

Wilderness Rovers Vs Moneygall Fc

Bansha Celtic Vs Nenagh Celtic

Clonmel Celtic Vs Kilsheelan Utd

Division 1

Lough Derg Vs Sallypark Odhráns

Division 2

Templetuohy Fc Vs Arra Rovers

Village Fc Vs Clodiagh Rangers B

Ardcroney Fc Vs Ballywilliam Utd (Provisional)

Munster Youths Cup 2nd Round

Lough Derg Vs Ballymackey Fc

Killavilla Utd Vs BT Harps

Youths League

Silvermines Vs Clonmore Utd

Holycross Fc Vs Arra Rovers


Weekending October 29th

FAI Junior Cup 3rd Round

Thurles Town Vs Rosegreen Rangers

Premier Division

Killavilla Utd Vs Cloughjordan Fc

BT Harps Vs Nenagh Celtic

Ballymackey Fc Vs Portumna

Thurles Town P-P Borroway Rovers

Division 1

Clodiagh Rangers Vs Borrisokane Fc

Sallypark Odhráns Vs Rearcross Fc

Lough Derg Vs Holycross Fc

Nenagh Celtic B Vs Gurtagarry Fc

Division 2

Ballywilliam Utd Vs Village Fc

Templetuohy Fc Vs Ardcroney Fc

BT Harps B Vs Arra Rovers


Lough Derg Vs Holycross Fc

BT Harps Vs Arra Rovers

Killavilla Utd Vs Clonmore Utd

Silvermines Vs Ballymackey Fc


Weekending November 5th

Premier Division

Killavilla Utd Vs Portumna Town

Borroway Rovers Vs BT Harps

Nenagh Celtic Vs Thurles Town

Cloughjordan Fc Vs Ballymackey Fc

Division 1

Moneygall Fc Vs Nenagh Celtic

Rearcross Fc Vs Lough Derg


Weekending November 12th

*****FAI Junior Cup Round 4*****

Division 1

Borrisokane Fc Vs Holycross Fc

Moneygall Fc Vs Rearcross Fc (Provisional)

Gurtagarry Fc Vs Lough Derg

Sallypark Odhráns Vs Nenagh Celtic B (Provisional)






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